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A Guide To Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

A swimming pool waterfall can not only enhance the beauty of your pool, it can also provide relaxing sounds for you to enjoy. Sheer descent, stacked stone, and rain arc waterfalls can be the perfect complement to your already amazing pool. Each swimming pool waterfall design incorporates its own unique style into your pool environment and allows you to enjoy your surroundings.

Sheer Descent Waterfalls

One major advantage of the sheer descent design swimming pool waterfall is its ability to produce a continuous sheet of water. Adjustments can be made to the pump to make the waterfall virtually silent, or louder if you prefer. These waterfalls produce a clear arc, which can be directed into the pool or into a separate area. They flow in the same way as a natural waterfall, larger at the top and funneling down into a smaller stream.

Stacked Stone Waterfalls

Stacked stone waterfalls are basically just what they sound like. Stones are stacked on top of one another, or stacked stone panels are placed in a way to suit your specific needs. This is one of the more elegant designs, which also provides pool owners with many options. Water can be made to either cascade down the rocks, or be projected out into the pool.

Rain Arc Waterfalls

Normally, rain arc waterfalls can be easily incorporated into existing pool designs. They are perfect for vinyl lined pools. Water is projected out of the pool at a 45-degree angle, forming a natural arc before falling back into the pool surface. The rain arc waterfalls can be easily positioned just above the water’s surface, and a raised bond beam is not required.

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

Waterfalls can make even the simplest pool seem extravagant. Some options are more expensive than others, but they all provide your pool with a unique atmosphere. The above-mentioned options can complement any pool and let your unique style shine through. The look of the waterfall is only half of the equation; making sure it descends in a way that is to your liking is the other half. Know your options and choose the one that is right for you.

Feel free to contact us and we can help you select the swimming pool waterfall of your dreams.

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