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Swimming Pool Trends For 2018

Swimming Pool Trends

Are you in the market for a new swimming pool? Now that the summer is over, and it is getting cooler outside, you may want to cast an eye and check out swimming pool trends for 2018.

Sun Ledges

Sun ledges have been growing in popularity, and they’re expected to keep doing so in 2018. These ledges are installed to create a flat, shallow area in your pool. They give you and your guests a place to lounge in the pool while soaking in the warm Florida sun. Sun ledges also provide convenience because you can relax in the pool without having to change into a swimsuit.

They are also a great way for pets, small children, and handicapped individuals to enjoy the pool. Consider adding a sun ledge to your pool construction project. A sun ledge can be added to your pool’s design.

Tile Mosaics

Extremely easy to install during the winter, tile mosaics are a great way to bring character to your pool. If you are considering basic vinyl or gunite or even concrete, it’s time to consider an upgrade your pool’s interior surface. Tile mosaics come in a variety of rich, bold colors. You can choose a blue tile mosaic, which will make your water appear even bluer than it already is. Or, you can choose a more intricate design, such as swimming dolphins. Tile mosaics are a great way to let your personality shine through.


With technology becoming increasingly prevalent in daily life, it’s no surprise that it’s worked its way into the pool industry. Automated control systems allow you to put your pool maintenance on “cruise control.” Your filtration cycles, heating, lighting, and sanitation are automated, allowing you to sit back and enjoy your pool. In fact, swimming pool trends are placing a lot of focus on technology and automation!

LED Lights

LED lights are one of the easiest and most affordable trends available to Florida pool owners. They are available in many vibrant colors, instantly transforming the ambiance of your outdoor environment.

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