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Swimming Pool Technology That Can Make Your Life Easier

swimming pool technology

Over the past decade, technology has transformed our way of life drastically. It has made our lives much more convenient, allowing our world to be at our fingertips at all times. A perfect example of this is smart home technology. Whether it be that you forgot to turn the lights off upstairs or you would like your home to be a particular temperature when you arrive home, smart tech has made our world much more manageable.

Did you know that there is also swimming pool technology that could make your life a lot easier as well? Pool tech, which is relatively new, has already made the lives of Florida pool owners much more relaxed. Below are some of the best examples of swimming pool technology that is available today.

Remote Automation Systems

Remote automation systems allow you to control all aspects of your pool anywhere by using your smartphone or tablet. For example, imagine that you’re coming home and you would like the pool set to a particular temperature with the waterfall running when you arrive. You could pre-program this setting so that it kicks in at 6 pm every day, or you could manually do so using a downloadable application.

You can also integrate many remote automation systems with other smart technology, like Amazon’s Alexa. So, you could be inside your home and say, “Alexa, turn on the waterfall in my pool,” at which point it would turn on immediately.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic pool cleaners allow you to clean your pool without you having to interrupt your day or think about it. No longer will you have to stand in the hot sun with a telescoping pole or pay a pool cleaner to do so. You can program your filter to run at any time of the day, ensuring your pool is always clean.

UV Purification Systems

These systems operate in the background but work to keep your pool safer and healthier. They use UV rays to lower chemical levels in your pool, which means the water won’t be as harsh when you go for a swim.

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