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Your Swimming Pool Tanning Ledge

swimming pool tanning ledge

When looking for the perfect addition to your backyard pool, there are many features you can choose from including a swimming pool tanning ledge.

It is a great place to relax and is also a shallow place for the kids to play safely while you lounge. So, how can you take your swimming pool tanning ledge to the next level? Read on to find out.

What Is a Swimming Pool Tanning Ledge?

It is simply a ledge or a shelf in the swimming pool that extends out several feet while giving you enough space for some furniture. It is also usually only deep enough to keep you cool and is not enough water to go swimming in or even float in.

Features of a Tanning Ledge

There are a few features you can add to your tanning ledge to make it an even more desirable location.


Not only will this add to the aesthetics of your tanning ledge, it also sounds amazing too. A stream of bubbling water is sent to the surface of the pool and this creates a small fountain effect in the tanning ledge where it is installed.


While you may have lights already installed in or around the pool, you shouldn’t forget about your tanning ledge. With the right lighting, you can spend more relaxing evenings on your tanning ledge, and it makes the pool area look much better. It is also good for safety, so you don’t accidentally step into the water.


Water features always make good additions to a swimming pool as well. The waterfall can be installed on a slightly elevated tanning ledge, so the water cascades down and into the pool. The sound of the flowing water is calming and will make a beautiful addition to your swimming pool.

A waterfall is also an option for you no matter what type of pool you have. It can be created with fiberglass, concrete, or even vinyl liner pools.

A tanning ledge is perfect for relaxing and lounging around the pool, and these features just make it that much more fun.

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