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Swimming Pool Spa Pet Safety

Those who truly love their pets spend almost all of their time with them. Dog owners often let their pets sleep in the bed with them, and those with cats don’t really have any say in the matter. For the safety of your pets and to maintain the appearance and functionality of your hot tub, it is imperative to practice the utmost caution when inviting them in for a dip. Setting aside other concerns for a moment, let’s discuss if pets can safely enjoy a hot tub.

First of All, Is it Even Safe?

Being in a swimming pool spa can be hazardous to your pets’ health. The temperatures inside a hot tub can cause your furry friend to overheat, often within moments. If you invite your dog into the pool spa with you, be sure to remove them as soon as they start panting.

Long-term exposure to high temperatures and dehydration can do lasting damage to your pets’ internal organs. Furthermore, the chemicals used to maintain cleanliness in a swimming pool spa or pool is often harmful to human skin. Animal skin is similar, but the effects of these chemicals on animals are rarely tested. They may irritate your pet’s skin and your pet may drink the water, which could poison them.

Lastly, while many dogs are natural born swimmers, most are not. Even though widely unreported, accidental pet drowning is incredibly common. Being in a pool could be frightening for your pet, as well. Getting out of the pool could be a terrifying life-or-death experience for your pet.

An untrained animal will instinctively head for the edge of the body of water and try to claw its way out. The concrete walls will break their nails, making them panic. They may ingest water, which prevents them from breathing easily. Installing specialized pet ramps in your hot tub or pool and using pet floatation devices can help alleviate these risks. Also consider using alarms and safety covers to prevent your pets from unexpectedly gaining access to the tub or pool.

Keeping you Swimming Pool Spa Clean After Pets Use it

For some pet owners, these risks outweigh the benefits of allowing their pet into the hot tub. It is important in this case to properly ensure your pet’s safety. Securing your spa covers and keeping the area clear of food will ensure your pet cannot gain unwanted access to your hot tub and reduce their interest in the area. It is important to properly monitor the tub area whenever your pet is nearby.

We want to ensure the safety of our customers and their pets. Contact us for more information about how to make your swimming pool spat tub safer.

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