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Three Modern Swimming Pool Safety Features

pool safety features

Over the past few years, contractors have focused significantly on providing safe pools for Florida homeowners. Safety features have become more and more accessible, ideal for those who have children and pets. Below, we’ve provided an overview of modern swimming pool safety features that you will want to consider adding to your pool’s design. Many of these features can be added even if you already have an existing pool in place.

Non-Slip Surfaces

One of the best swimming pool safety features available today is non-slip surfaces. This is an excellent choice for those with energetic children. Running around the pool can be dangerous. Slipping could cause severe injuries and becomes even more of a risk if the child were to fall into the pool. Using non-slip surfaces on your pool deck is an excellent option to keep your children safe.

Pool Ramps

If you have pets, you’ll want to consider adding a pool ramp. If your pet accidentally falls into the pool and is struggling to swim, a ramp provides them with easy access out of the water. Pets often don’t know where the stairs are in a pool, which poses a dangerous situation, especially if they were to fall into the deep end. A ramp can help ensure your pet’s safety.

Ramps could also be useful if you have rodents that frequently enter your pool. A ramp could allow the critter to exit before they drown. Not only do you save the animal’s life, but you also decrease the likelihood of you waking up and having to remove a dead creature from the pool in the morning.

Automatic Pool Alarms

Automatic pool alarms are another safety feature that has become increasingly more popular with Florida homeowners. These alarms sit just above the surface of the water. If something were to break the water’s surface, the alarm would sound, giving you a chance to see what has fallen in. Automatic pool alarms are excellent for those with pets or children.

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