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Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming Pool Lights

Swimming pool lights are absolutely essential for anyone who wants to use a pool after dark.  An unlit pool can be a surprisingly scary at night, but just a few underwater incandescent bulbs can transform it into a warm and welcoming place.  Not only that, but your pool’s lighting can do a lot more than that depending on what else you choose to add.

Enhancing The Mood

Much like the pool itself, a pool lighting system has endless opportunities for customization.  If your pool has a natural theme that makes it look like a part of the landscape around it, try setting blue or green fiber-optic lights around the perimeter to create an ambient glow that seems to rise out of the water itself.  If your pool is more of an extension of your house, you could try using colored fiber-optic or LED lights which match the shade of your home or the concrete tiles along the pool’s rim.

One lighting system you could try which has a stunning effect is a series of small lights along the bottom of the pool.  This sort of effect can appear to reflect the stars in the sky regardless of the cloud cover that evening, and if your pool is an infinity type (it has one low wall so the pool seems to connect to the landscape or the horizon) and the night view is dotted with streetlights, spreading some amber lights along the bottom of the pool will give you the impression that you’re flying.

Providing A Show

Not only can LEDs and fiber-optic lights provide colored lighting, some of them can also change colors at certain programmed intervals.  For instance, fiber-optic ambient lights can cycle through a rainbow throughout the evening, or you can have your swimming pool lights flash through several patterns to entertain yourself, your family, or whomever else you decide to bring by.

Even if you think fiber-optics and LEDs are too expensive for you (though what they cost initially they make up for by lowering your power bill), you can still put on a light show with some relatively inexpensive floating lights.  You can also find floating swimming pool lights shaped like balls and sea creatures, plus some floating fountains also come with their own lighting.

There’s a certain basic amount of light you need if you intend to use your pool after the sun sets, but it’s not hard to go above and beyond that base to create an atmosphere which really enhances your backyard.  Whether it’s ambient white light or something as unique as your custom pool, a good lighting system can change a lot more than you’d expect.

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