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Swimming Pool Lighting Trends for The Perfect Mood

swimming pool lighting trends

One major perk of having your own swimming pool at home is being able to swim and use your pool whenever you like. When you’re entertaining at night, your swimming pool lighting is going to be a focal point for the atmosphere and the fun. 3 swimming pool lighting trends that will help you create the perfect mood for your backyard are the following:

Smart lighting – We’re getting smarter and smarter each year. We have smart home technologies, smartphones, and even smart digital assistants that can place our online orders and keep track of our calendars for us.

Why not bring that smart tech into your pool lighting as well? With smart lighting, which is expected to be one of the top swimming pool lighting trends for 2020, you can create the exact atmosphere you want at the touch of a button. You can adjust and customize the colors, how bright your lighting is, and how much light you use at one time, all of which you can do simply by using an app on your smartphone. This allows you to play with the lighting and atmosphere for different situations, whether you’re having a night swim with friends or spending quality time with your partner.

In-ground lighting – Sleek, sophisticated, and modern, in-ground lighting will never go out of style. If you’re after a classic appeal for your pool, in-ground lighting is exactly what you need. This type of lighting can be installed both in and around your pool, and you may even utilize different sizes of lights to best illuminate certain areas.

Overhead lighting – Overhead lighting is common for a reason. Your overhead lighting can be made to match your backyard style or theme, and it can be used for more than simply lighting up your pool area. With overhead lighting, you can customize the types of lighting you use and the amount of light in the area while providing the perfect, well-lit atmosphere for entertaining all day and into the night.

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