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Swimming Pool Landscape Considerations

Swimming Pool Landscaping Options

It’s Not Just The Pool That Matters

When designing your dream pool project, it may be tempting to focus on the pool itself. With endless ways to create your pool design, it can be easy to focus solely on your new swimming space. However, you should not neglect the areas surrounding your pool. Patio or swimming pool landscaping work can make or break your project.

You Need Space To Enjoy Your Pool

Your pool design should give you an area to enjoy your pool and sunshine! When building, you should work within your space not just for the pool itself, but seating areas. Patios, gazebos, and a fire pit can be built into your project. It is worth sacrificing a bit of square footage of actual pool space for adequate seating space. This will not only bring a sense of practicality to the project, but will also increase the overall appearance of the project. A patio can also give you space to entertain guests.

Your contractor should be able to tie the patio design into the architecture of your home and the surrounding area, so that there is a cohesive look to the project. Patios and surrounding areas should be seen as compliments to your pool that help tie the project together nicely.

Landscaping Your Project

Many pool contractors in the Florida area are full-service, meaning they will be able to work with you to design and install swimming pool landscape that complements both your home and the project. Landscaping can help complete your project, and can help your pool blend into your existing space. Perhaps more importantly, landscaping can be practical by providing drainage and privacy from your pool. When considering your budget, it is vital to account for landscaping costs. Your contractor should be able to draw up a plan that considers your personal preferences while also considering size, growing conditions, and color blending.

You can also put plant containers around seating areas as accents to the project. These can be free-standing containers, or built-in planters used from the same material as your patio. Tropical plants that are native to Florida would work best in these areas!

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