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Swimming Pool Games You’ve Never Heard of

Pools are synonymous with warm weather relaxation, yet many look for fun ways to get more out of their experience. Games are a classic opportunity for children and adults to enjoy their pool.

Follow the Leader

Swimming Pool games are also a great way to teach swimming skills children need for safety and better exercise. In this game, one person is the leader and everyone must move through the pool following his or her example. The leader might choose jumping, splashing, blowing bubbles, or different strokes, which can acclimate young swimmers to the water.

Diving Board H.O.R.S.E.

This game works much like the basketball version; participants line up near the diving board and must match each other’s dives to proceed. When someone misses a dive, they are given one letter from the word “horse.” When they have finished the word they are knocked out. Play continues until one person is left, who is declared the winner.

“Coin” Chase

Originally, the game consisted of participants collecting spare change, which is then thrown into the pool. The player with the most when all have been collected is the winner. Many excellent, brightly colored pool toys exist that contain weights and are a safer alternative to coins, which also won’t get caught in a pool filter.

Cardboard Boat Race

This game allows you to reuse old packing materials in a fun way. Teams make and decorate cardboard boxes and then race in pairs back and forth across the pool using arms or oars to push their boats along.

Watermelons for One or More

Because watermelons float on the water, they are fun to push around in the pool. This is a great game for one, or can be played in large groups. Encourage creativity by seeing how far participants can push the melon with their feet or spin the melon on the water’s surface.

Explore and be creative to find more novel ways to enjoy your pool. If you don’t currently have a pool and want to get in on the fun, feel free to contact us today and discuss how to improve your life.

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