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Swimming Pool Games for All Age Groups

Pools are bastions of fun leisure activities, but swimming can get repetitive after awhile. Yet, swimming is great exercise and a good way to bond as a family, so don’t let the pool become boring. Swimming pool games often help bring new life to aquatic activity. Today, we’ll highlight some of the best pool games for different age groups.

Games for Young Children

  • Mermaid or dolphin races. This is one of the simplest pool games and can be done above or underwater. Players race to see who can reach the other end of the pool the fastest. To make it more challenging, try passing a baton or pool toy during each “leg” of a race.
  • Invisi-bottle. Fill a water bottle with pool water. Ideally, the bottle should be the same color as your pool tiles. Have kids sit on the deck, backs to the pool, until they hear the splash. That’s their cue to jump in and find the bottle.
  • Popsicle. This is a variation of freeze tag. When someone is tagged, they stand with their arms over their head, frozen like a popsicle. If you are underwater, you cannot be tagged but you can unfreeze the “popsicles.” The last person to be frozen becomes “it.”

Games for Teens

  • Battleship/submarine. The point of this game is to try to get everyone on the same team. The battleship and submarine teams each have their own base at one side of the pool. On cue, the battleship team pushes off and taunts the sub team to chase them. The submarine team members must tag the battleship team from underwater (it’s better if the sub team comprises advanced swimmers). When battleships are tagged, they switch sides and become submarines, but if a sub has to pop up for air, a battleship team can splash him or her, making the sub switch sides.
  • Atomic whirlpool. This game works best if you have several people. Have everyone line up in the pool with as little space as possible between them. Then have everyone walk, jog, and run around the pool for a certain number of minutes. If done right, the water will “carry” everyone around the pool.

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