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All About Swimming Pool Fire Pits

Common sense seems to dictate that fire and water don’t mix. However, more people are discovering a fire pit is a good addition to their swimming pools and spas. A fire pit adds a unique element to your pool area and encourages guests to visit. Today, we’ll spotlight a few of the other benefits of swimming pool fire pits.

What Is a Pool Fire Pit?

A pool fire pit is exactly what it sounds like – a fire pit built into the middle of your pool or around the pool deck area. They are ideal for lagoon-shaped pools or pools with infinity edges, but can work with almost any pool design, so ask your contractor about adding one. They also help your pool feel more luxurious.

If You Feed Them, They Will Come

One of the most fun parts of any party, including a pool party, is refreshments. A fire pit can help you add unique foodstuffs and drinks to your next pool party. Roasted marshmallows or s’mores are classic fire pit foods, but you can get creative, too. Invite guests to grill their own meat kabobs over the fire pit using chicken, steak, or shrimp. For homemade cherries jubilee, add cherries or strawberries to the marshmallows you’ll roast on your stick (don’t let them burn). You can also invite guests to drink mocktails or hot beverages while sitting or floating around the pit.

Unique Exercise Elements

Everyone likes to exercise in the pool, but can get bored with the same old laps and pool games. To add a new element, let exercise revolve around the fire pit. Play a game of atomic whirlpool around an unlit fire pit, where the object is for everyone to stand close together and walk or run fast enough for the water to “carry” them on a current. Use the pit as a “home base” or safe zone for games like battleship/submarine tag.

Stay Warm in Winter

We still have several weeks of winter left, but that doesn’t mean you should stay out of the pool. Set up your fire pit close to the pool area on a deck or near your bar. Invite guests to play pool games or participate in intensive cardio, then chill out by the fire pit and reward themselves with cocoa and coffee.

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