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A Look At Swimming Pool Fashion Trends

Swimming Pool Fashion Trends

When designing your pool, the goal is to create something timeless, which will last for years. While this can certainly be a goal to strive for, you should do so cautiously. Pool design trends are constantly evolving, with designs of the past having come and gone. Swimming pool fashion trends change over time. You may be much better off going with a conservative, “neutral” design rather than an edgy design that is “in” now, but will soon be “out.”

Revolutionary Designs Are Often Replaced

When pools were first becoming popular for the American homeowner, deep-end diving boards and coping made of pebble were heavily utilized. Now, a couple decades later, both are not nearly as popular, with pebble coping being practically nonexistent, having been replaced for concrete or pavers. While these ideas may have been revolutionary at the time, and may have helped paved the way for future designs, they expired and became obsolete quickly.

A Safe Approach

The big design trend that has been popular of late is infinity ledges. Infinity ledges are typically used by those who want to create a statement with a bolder design. Many people have also been creating pools specific to their desires at that point in time – for example, long pools ideal for swimming laps. It remains to be seen whether these trends and specific designs are here to stay or go. You should truly consider the functionality of your pool and how you envision it used in the future. Is it something that is going to be used by your family for years to come? You should reflect on your situation and determine if a conservative, functional pool design that will last for years to come is the best route to go.

Where To Add Individuality

A simple pool design can still have some flare and uniqueness without risking that the design may go out of style. You can utilize clean lines and sharp edges, which should not go out of style. You can also work to implement your pool into your surroundings. Having a pool that naturally blends into your surroundings and seems natural should increase its longevity.

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