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Swimming Pool Evolution: The Sharp Look

Infinity & Knife Edge Pools

Lately, there have been two noticeably growing trends by homeowners looking to get new swimming pools. Infinity pools and knife edges both can present sharp, aesthetically pleasing appearances to your pool that intrigues and baffles onlookers. Their designs are typically trickier than your average backyard pool but, if done properly, can be well worth the reward due to their jaw-dropping appearance. Here is a look at quick swimming pool evolution:

Infinity Pool

An infinity pool is a swimming pool that has vanishing edges, giving the impression that the water carries on into the horizon without any boundaries. The pool will have at least one wall that comes to water level and slopes downward so that water may flow over the wall into a catch basin below. From here, it is pumped back into the pool.

An infinity pool can create an amazing view, but can be tricky to build. Many pool builders are able to build them due to their increasing popularity, but you should work with your contractor to ensure the pool is built right the first time. You do not want the water level of your pool to constantly be low. Infinity pools also require a strong pumping system that can cycle the water from the catch basin back into the general pool area.

Knife Edge Pools

A knife edge pool is similar to the infinity pool in that it gives the appearance that water is overflowing the edges of the pool. Both heavily rely on a properly placed catch basin. However, an infinity edge pool has visible edges, while the knife edge design does not display any edge or coping material. The catch basin, or the slot for the water to spill into, is right at the edge of the dry deck. A pool with this design will give the appearance of a full depth of water, while your feet remain dry.

Much like an infinity pool, there is little margin for error when constructing a knife edge pool. Measurements and dimensions must be precise, otherwise, the pool will not function as designed. It is also vital that the catch basin works properly and that the pool is properly leveled.

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