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Swimming Pool Design – Get Just the Pool You Want

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When you start looking into adding a pool to your backyard, one of the initial steps in the process is speaking with a designer who will work with you to plan out exactly what shape and design your pool will eventually take.  These designers know both the practical limitations and the incredible possibilities of pool building, and as such they can help you make your backyard dreams become a reality.

Working Within The Lines

There are a few things that limit what you can and can’t do with a pool which you may not know about.  There’s the size and shape of your backyard, of course, but other things that may play a role in pool design include buried cables and pipes, the soil composition, and both state and municipal regulations regarding safety measures and possible size restrictions.  Your neighborhood association may also have some rules about what you can do with a pool and what kind of fence you can put up.

A pool designer who works with a contractor will know about these issues and how to look them up, but even more than just knowing about these restrictions, he or she will also know how to help you work around them and still create the kind of swimming pool design you want.

Expanding Your Horizons

Another significant benefit to working with a professional designer is the fact that the designer will know all about the latest in local home design trends and will have a wide variety of ideas and options for you to choose.  You may start out thinking that a swimming pool is just a swimming pool, but after a session with a designer you’ll know that there’s no real limit to the shapes and sizes of pool you can choose from.  Other options include the pool’s material, a number of different technology options, and the size and design of the area around the pool.

A basic pool may be nothing more than a standard rectangle with a small area on one side for lounge chairs and patio umbrellas, but you can add things like fountains, waterfalls, grottos, and an outdoor kitchen.  The pool area’s design could be inspired by a natural setting, an Italian villa, a Spanish mission, or contemporary architecture.

Having the idea to add a pool to your lot is one thing, but putting it into action is something else.  Fortunately, an experienced designer can guide you through the process and all the decisions you’ll need to make so that you’ll end up with a swimming pool design that’s right for you and for your backyard.

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