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Swimming Pool Design: Don’t Make these Mistakes!

The best way to make a smart, expensive purchase is to review the most common mistakes other made first. When purchasing a swimming pool, as with any other big ticket item, thoroughly research pool companies and all contractors that will be involved. It is shockingly common for homeowners to go ahead with inexperienced installation only to be met with disaster down the line. Learn about the most common mistakes homeowners make when designing their swimming pool so you can avoid them.

Not Asking for References

Actually, you shouldn’t even have to ask. Any reputable pool designer will offer lots of references in addition to a portfolio of work. Speak with every reference you can to get a good idea of the pool company’s workmanship, customer service, and ongoing relationship with their customers. Research contractor certification and social media before signing on with anyone.

Trusting The Manufacturer Wholeheartedly

As with any salesmen, pool manufacturers are trying to make money. To do that, some shadier companies will leave out finer details that may negatively sway your decision. Pay close attention to any warranties that are offered. Many manufacturers will make outrageous claims about how great their product is, but will neglect to disclose the fine print of the warranty. If the warranty isn’t straightforward and in clear language, you may have a sneaky manufacturer on your hands. Consider the following questions: Does the warranty cover the structure, finishes, and materials? How long does it last? Is it a solid 10 year warranty, or is it prorated?

Incorrect Pool Design

There are literally hundreds of different combinations of pool shapes, design, and materials available on the market. Any good shopper knows that with great variety comes due diligence. Think carefully about the type of pool that is best for you and your home and how much longevity you want from it. For example, if you will be spending a lot of time in the pool with children, you will need a shallow area and maybe a few fun extras. If you’re designing your pool for health reasons, you may want to consider a lap pool with spa jets or a hot tub. If you want your pool to last, go for an inground pool and not an above ground. Above ground swimming pools are less expensive and can be built quickly, but they will not last nearly as long.

We hope that this article provided some insight about swimming pool design!

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