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Swimming Pool Decoration Ideas for the Holidays

While the rest of the country’s homeowners are spending time winterizing their pools, Floridians have the opportunity to enjoy poolside slumber during the holiday season. From beach-themed holiday decorations to festive foods, there are many ways to create a memorable holiday pool party this winter. Here are a few swimming pool decoration ideas to turn your backyard into a winter wonderland and throwing the perfect holiday party:

Use string lights. Every Christmas, there are festive decorations put up in and on houses across America. So why not adorn your pool the same way? Lights strung from the pool fence, from the roof of the house across the pool, and threaded through greenery are a great way to brighten up your backyard. The water will reflect the lights, multiplying their effect a hundred times over and creating a beautiful scene.

Consider stringing lights in your existing trees, wrapping them around the trunks, and stringing them into the branches. Shapes and characters made out of colored lights can add an even greater element of fun to your backyard.

Use Greenery. String greenery from the top of the pool fence, tied with red ribbon to complete the picture, and you have the setting for a perfect winter wonderland. Consider lining the pool with more greenery, or even some holly branches and Christmas tree branches you’ve trimmed. This will create a visible barrier around the pool, helping people to more easily see it and hopefully preventing anyone from falling in.

Add inflatables to your pool. A floating Santa Claus on his sleigh or a floating nativity scene allows you to make use of your pool space in a fun and creative way, celebrating the holiday spirit. If you don’t have the money for large inflatables, consider floating lanterns or unbreakable ornaments on the water. The candles can be colored if you like, or they can be simple and white. However you choose to use your pool space, make sure it is used somehow.

For more holiday Christmas ideas or decoration ideas about using your pool space to celebrate the season, visit Olympus Pools. We offer a wide variety of pool services, and our blog includes a number of posts on how to decorate your backyard pool area and transform it into any setting you like.

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