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Picking the Right Swimming Pool Concrete Deck

Wondering about your swimming pool concrete deck? If you are leaning toward pavers, we suggest that you skip this post. On the other hand, if you are leaning toward concrete, here is a look at the various options available.

Concrete is one of the easiest to maintain, beautiful decking materials.  It is also cost-effective. Concrete has had some serious upgrades over the years and now come in a range of varieties to add beauty to any backyard pool design. If you are considering using concrete for your decking material, here are the different types of concrete options so you can pick the best one for your needs.

Sandblasted Concrete

Sandblasted concrete has been treated with either a sandblasting or an acid wash to create a rough, textured surface to reduce the chance of slipping. It also adds a beautiful finish to the concrete and can be done on any color of concrete. The best part about sandblasted concrete is it is a technique you can do on pre-existing concrete to improve traction and update the look and feel of your existing space.

Salted Concrete

Salted concrete is a technique that adds extra traction and a beautiful surface to concrete. When the concrete decking is poured, a thin layer of rock salt is added to the surface. The rock salt can be large chunks or smaller pieces depending on the look you want. Once the concrete has hardened, the rock salt is then washed away with water. What’s left is a beautiful subtle texture can help prevent slipping.


Engrave concrete is engraved with a small concrete saw to create a beautiful pattern on the surface. The pattern can be any design you can imagine, so it’s really flexible.  Also, you can engrave pre-existing concrete decks to update your look. The engraving leaves channels in the surface where the pool water can flow, so that it stays dry to prevent slipping.

Stamped concrete

Stamped concrete gives the look of a stone or brick deck for a lot less. When the concrete is poured, the contractor will go over it with a large rubber stamp. The remaining stamp imprint will mimic the pattern of stones and bricks, and can be customized for any look you want.

Any of these types of concrete can be done in the color of your choosing, so there are endless possibilities for your pool design. So if you are looking for a beautiful, affordable decking material consider concrete.

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