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How To Choose Your Swimming Pool Color

swimming pool color

There are a number of options you’ll need to choose from when designing your pool. There are broader decisions, like the material that will make up your pool’s surface, to more specific decisions, like the accent tiling you’d like to use. Did you know that you can also choose the color of your pool? One of the more specific design options you’ll have to choose from, pool color will help impact the mood and ambiance of your backyard oasis.

Colors To Choose From

Not all pool water is alike. Pools can range in color, from dark blue to bright turquoise water that almost appears green. Darker colors are bolder and contrast well with a lighter pool deck. Lighter colors, on the other hand, are much softer. Although your pool contractor will help you come up with the color scheme for your pool, you should have an idea of what color you would like beforehand.

What Impacts Pool Color?

When trying to craft the perfect pool color, there are a number of factors that your pool contractor will consider.

The most important aspect of your water color is the pool’s underlying surface color. Blue water typically is the result of backgrounds that are blue, white, gray, or black. Lighter, green water is typically the result of pool surfaces that are green, brown, or tan.

Another key aspect of determining your pool’s color is the depth and shape of your pool. Water will appear darker the deeper your pool is. Once you build your pool, it’s nearly impossible to change its shape. For this reason, it’s important to consider your desired water color before beginning construction on your pool. Features like the color of your pool’s surface can be changed, but the pool’s shape is pretty much permanent.

Your water will also be influenced by the other colors in your backyard oasis and surrounding area. Your home’s exterior color, landscaping, fencing, and furniture will all impact your pool’s water color.

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