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Swimming Pool Color Options

Pool Color Options

As you work with your pool contractor to come up with your pool design, you are going to be overwhelmed by the choices you must make. You’ll begin by first deciding on large-scale decisions, such as the shape and size of your pool. Then, you’ll move on to more mid-range choices, such as whether you’d like to have a spa attached to your pool.

Eventually, you’ll move toward the fine-tune choices such as the color of your swimming pool options. These choices may seem mundane or pointless. It’s a pool filled with water – how much could color make a difference? However, your swimming pool color options will go a long way toward determining how your pool looks. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of a few of the swimming pool color options available so that you can be better prepared.

Primary Colors

Typically, there are two primary colors for Florida pools, blue and green. This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a different color, but these two colors are the most popular. They help give your water a natural appearance. Additionally, you can change the shades of your color as well. For example, many Floridians choose to go with deep blue color for a relaxing vibe.

Achieving Water Color

We just mentioned that you’d likely choose between blue and green color. But the water within your pool is clear. We’re not dying your water like it’s the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day! Instead, we can help you achieve your ideal pool color based on the background color of your pool. For example, if you want blue “looking” water, you’ll likely choose background finishes of

  • White
  • Blue
  • Gray

If you’d like green “looking” water, you’ll probably find yourself picking a background color that is

  • Tan
  • Green
  • Brown

The shade of your background color will alter the appearance of your pool water. Your pool contractor should be able to provide you with a better idea of how background dyes can change the presence of the pool’s color.

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