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About Swimming Pool Building Permits

pool building permits

If you are interested in new pool construction for your home it is important to understand the pool building permit process before you begin looking at all the possible swimming pool designs. It is an essential step of the process that can’t be overlooked or ignored.

What is a Pool Building Permit?

Before you can begin construction on your pool, you have to go through the right channels to obtain the appropriate pool building permits. All swimming pools require a building permit. The typical fee for a building permit for an in-ground pool before installation, construction or use can be anywhere between $50 for a plan review, $25 for a zoning fee, and up to $225 for the in-ground pool permit fee. However, the fees are often dependent on location, and other fees may also need to be factored into the total.

The permit for pool construction in Florida applies to concrete in-ground pools as well as portable above ground pools. To build an in-ground concrete pool in Florida, you are also required to hire a state licensed pool contractor.

Your pool contractor will then be the one to obtain the pool building permits that are needed, and they will also provide all the necessary paperwork to ensure that all codes are met before, during, and after construction.

Applications for In-Ground Pools

For residential in-ground pool applications, two to three copies of the plot plan, the cross-section, and blueprints need to be submitted before you can receive the building permit. The zoning department will indicate their approval on the site and construction plans for your new swimming pool and will then review all the documents. Once all this is done, and the fees are paid, the permit number is finally issued. An inspection record card and receipt are then given to the applicant.

While it may seem like you have to jump through hoops to obtain the pool building permits you need for your pool construction, simply starting out with a licensed contractor can award you with a significant advantage and will ensure everything is done according to plan.

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