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Swimming Pool Additions

Do you know what’s better than a home away from home?  A home that lets you get away in your own backyard.  Adding an in-ground pool to your backyard is more than just a way to get some outdoor exercise and relaxation, it’s an opportunity to completely transform your property into a luxurious oasis, a place where you can get away from everything for a few hours without spending hundreds of dollars on regular spa treatments.  Here are some swimming pool additions you might consider while planning out a new backyard:

Hot Tub

Floating along in the cool water of a pool is one thing, but soaking in the warm water of a hot tub is something completely different.  Hot water does something that relaxes us, and water jets designed to massage our back and legs can add to the effect.

Mood Lighting

Scientific studies tell us that different colors can inspire different moods.  It has to do with how light affects our inner clocks:  high-wavelength blue lights make us alert and ward off depression, while low-wavelength red lights relax us and let us sleep more soundly at night.  You can take advantage of this by installing colored LED or fiber-optic lights that evoke the mood you’re looking for.


Halfway between a fountain and a hot tub jet, bubblers add to both the visual and auditory beauty of a pool.  A bubbler is fascinating in a way that’s only matched by a cozy fire, and the white noise of rushing water makes it easy to relax and ignore the rest of the world.

Relaxation Station

There’s relaxing next to the pool, and there’s relaxing “on” the pool with a plastic foam or inflatable lounge chair, but how about relaxing in the pool?  It’s easier than you might think, at least as long as you iron out the details with the contractor first.  By adding an S-shaped seat to one side of the pool, you’ll have a place where you can relax in the water without having to worry about staying afloat.

A backyard pool is a place to exercise, and it’s a place to relax.  With the right swimming pool additions, your backyard can be an oasis vacation you can access every day of the week.

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