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Swimming Pool Add-ons to Consider

A good backyard pool isn’t just for you and your family, it’s also something all your friends and neighbors can enjoy.  By including the right additions when you first install your in-ground pool, you can turn your backyard into everyone’s destination of choice.

Here is a look at some popular swimming pool add-ons:

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can range in size and complexity from a grill station with a few extra cupboards to an open-air addition to your house.  An outdoor kitchen gives the cook the opportunity to take part in the party even while he or she is fixing the food.  It also gives partygoers the ability to serve themselves without having to duck inside every fifteen minutes, letting in all the flies and mosquitoes in the process.


A patio is nothing more than a paved area next to a house, a deck which uses stone instead of wood.  Sometimes it’s covered, sometimes it’s not, but either way it provides a place in your backyard for a table, some chairs, possibly a fire pit, and maybe even a TV set or sound system.  Patios may take space away from lawn games, but they make an excellent place for people to gather for birthday cake and other celebrations.


Nothing says outdoor relaxation like a spa.  While a swimming pool is a good place to exercise and play around, a hot tub gives you a place to relax and enjoy the massaging jets.  When party time comes around, a spa lets you sit and chat with a few friends in a space that’s more intimate than a pool, but everyone is still in reach of the larger party.  Better yet, you can relax in a spa all year round no matter how cold it gets thanks to the heated water and insulated cover.

When it comes to planning out what your new backyard will look like with a pool and the rest of your new additions, it helps to know everything you plan on using it for.  By doing so, you’ll be able to use put your backyard to the best possible use, with no need to waste money on retrofits or redesigns later.

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