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Swimming for Sport and Pleasure

Everywhere you turn these days, a health expert is extolling the many great benefits of swimming for exercise. It’s low impact, easy on the joints, great cardio, and excellent for muscles. But not only is swimming good for you and your body, it’s a fun activity, too.

There are a lot of good reasons to consider putting a pool in your back yard. Let’s take a closer look at the health and entertainment benefits of swimming:

Whole Body Workout
Swimming works and tones just about every single muscle in your body. There aren’t many workouts that use such total body involvement, making swimming one of the best possible exercises to tone and trim your entire frame all at once. Very few people who commit to a serious exercise regimen of swimming will stay overweight for long.

Reduced Injury Risk
Not only is swimming a total body workout that is useful for shedding pounds and looking your best, but it accomplishes this feat with a far lower injury risk than just about any other sport as well. Swimming puts very little stress on bones, joints, or ligaments, meaning your body is much less likely to give out or become injured. It’s not uncommon to see committed swimmers going strong into their 80s and 90s. Not many other sports can say that.

Cardio Help
Swimming is shown to significantly reduce the risk of cardiac disease in those who do it regularly. Routine swimming also improves lung capacity and circulation. So not only is it trimming and toning your physique; it’s helping your body feel stronger, too.

Stress Relief
Water is said to have stress-relieving properties. Just being in the water can make a person feel calmer, as the cares of the world start to melt away. Whether you are exercising in the water or just floating weightlessly along, the soothing effects are sure to have a beneficial impact on your mindset.
It would be easy to go on like this, but you get the picture. Swimming is an exceptional activity. The benefits of having access to such a phenomenal sport right at your fingertips – or in your own back yard – are too many to list. So what’s stopping you?

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