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Swim Safely: 3 Tips for Preventing Accidents at the Pool

Summer is a time of enjoyment and relaxation for families across the country. Swimming is a popular pastime in the summer months as it is a fun way to beat the heat. However, with the swimming season also comes the potential for pool-related accidents. Fortunately, there are many precautions that parents and pool owners can take to ensure that swimmers stay safe during the summer.

Adult Supervision is Essential

Parents, pool owners, and lifeguards should always pay close attention to swimmers. As children have the tendency to wander off, it is important for parents to watch their children during a day at the pool. Closely attending to swimmers also increases response times in case of emergency and helps keep swimmers safe. Adults who plan to supervise pool goers can benefit from classes on swim safety, which include trainings for CPR/AED, first aid, and general water safety. These types of classes equip supervising adults with the skills and materials they need to prevent injury, attend to medical issues, and keep individuals safe in the water.

Use Safety Equipment for Home Pools

Homeowners benefit from installing safety equipment around their pools. Features such as gates, fences, alarms, covers, and locks prevent strangers from entering your property and also safeguard your family and neighbors. Safety equipment is especially important in homes with young children, as these measures stop children from accidentally wandering into unsafe or unsupervised areas.

Properly Cover and Clear Poolside Areas

Drains are a magnet for injury due to their powerful suction. Swimmers can accidentally fall into open drains and sustain bodily injury. Before enjoying a day of fun at the pool, be sure to properly cover all drains. Ensuring that all drains are closed and safe prevents accidents and injuries. Additionally, it is important to remove all unnecessary clutter from the area around your pool. Even small items can cause swimmers to trip and injure themselves, so maintaining a clean space around the pool is essential for the safety of guests.

Swimming is a fun activity that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. With a few simple tips, you can ensure the safety of yourself and fellow swimmers this summer and for seasons to come.

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