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Sustainable Landscaping Options for the Swimming Pool Area

Sustainable landscaping will bring nature pool-side and add to the beauty and conservation of your outdoor living space. This concept is becoming more popular as a design option, as homeowners look for ways to add an element of environmental conservation to their outdoor living areas.

Sustainable landscaping is a practice that is in response to environmental issues such as water pollution, soil health, storm water management, fertilizer run-off, efficient energy usage, water shortages, and drought. Non-sustainable landscaping results in contamination of soil, air, and water. It also creates toxic compounds in the environment and greenhouse gas emissions.

Involving three key practices, this sustainable option considers both soil and water conservation, and placing the right plants in an appropriate place. Such practices include the following:

  • New advances in construction can include permeable paving that allows storm water to be retained and moved to plant and ground areas for hydration. It promotes green, sustainable growth and also replenishes ground water.
  • Drip irrigation and water recharge devices can also help with water conservation. These will greatly help reduce water use utility costs as well.
  • Reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the environment by growing plants that don’t require chemicals or toxic fertilizers to stay healthy. Organic fertilizers and natural compounds are effective.
  • If your property is on a waterfront, protect it from erosion and deterioration by using sustainable landscaping techniques to hold soil, ground cover, and vegetation in place.
  • Plants can be chosen to provide food and habitat for birds and other types of wildlife.
  • Sustainable landscaping can easily be incorporated into swimming pool design to create a green area that is easy to care for and compatible with the environment.
  • Mulch is a great material to use in sustainable landscaping to promote healthy soil and water conversation.
  • By selecting recycled materials to use in landscaping, you are lessening your environmental footprint.

With today’s advanced technology, options to landscape your backyard pool area while aiding the environment are plentiful. The professionals at Olympus Pools want to help you engage in sustainable practices. For more information on sustainable landscaping options, contact Olympus Pools today.

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