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Three Features Of  A Sports Pool

sports swimming pool

When coming up with a new swimming pool design, you’ll quickly discover that there is a multitude of features available. While this can seem overwhelming at times, you should start with the most basic of questions, and work down from there. Before you concern yourself with features like natural rock waterfalls, you should first ask yourself whether you would like a leisure pool or a sports pool.

Sports pools are the perfect option for those looking to increase their levels of physical activity. They are great options for retirees who are looking for a way to exercise or those with children who will use the pool for water games. If you’re interested in some of the features listed below, it may be in your best interest to consider a sports pool.

Lap Lanes

If you plan to use your pool to swim laps, you should factor this in when coming up with your pool design. Your pool should be longer and more rectangular, giving you more space to swim back and forth. You may also want your pool to be shallower on both ends so that you can stand when you are finished swimming laps. You could also consider installing lap lanes to help separate your swimming area from the rest of the pool.

Volleyball Nets And Water Games

If you think that you will use your pool for water games, you should consider a pool that is shallow across the entire length of the pool. This will allow adequate space for things such as volleyball nets and basketball hoops. These are great ways to keep children entertained for hours.

Diving Boards And Water Slides

Diving boards and water slides are also great ways for the entire family to have fun while swimming. Diving is also an excellent option for staying fit while in the swimming pool. If you would like either of these features, you’ll have to have a deep end of the pool. If not, you risk serious injury.

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