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Spa, Hot Tub, or Jacuzzi? What is the Difference?

Spa, Hot Tub, or Jacuzzi? What is the Difference?

The word “spa” immediately brings to mind relaxation and enjoyment. The majority of people only think of spas and spa treatments as rare pleasures they couldn’t possibly replicate at home. Yet as home swimming pools increase in popularity, so do spas. In fact, spas are an investment –guaranteed to improve mental, physical, and relational health.

What is a Spa?

“Spa” is used to describe any kind of heated tub that uses jets, whether or not it is connected to a swimming pool. This includes hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and whirlpools. Aboveground spas are usually acrylic and are not connected to one’s swimming pool. They may also use synthetic wood for decorative purposes. In contrast, an in-ground spa is directly connected to the pool and is typically made of concrete. Since the in-ground spa is part of the pool, it usually takes up less space.

Physical Health Benefits

Relaxing in a spa might not seem healthy – after all, the user isn’t doing anything particularly active. However, spas create dozens of physical benefits. For example, the jets and bubbles used in many help relax muscles. The jets’ heat also soothes injured muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This is particularly beneficial to athletes, people who have undergone muscular surgeries, or people with physical disabilities that cause hypotonic or hypertonic muscles. Using a hot tub creates perspiration, helping rid the body of toxins. That perspiration can also burn a few extra calories.

Mental Health Benefits 

These days, everyone spends the majority of their time connected to electronic devices. Spa sessions encourage total relaxation and time away from that connection. Many users find hot tubs and whirlpools great places to meditate or talk with spouses and families after a long day. If built in a location with a relaxing view, spas also provide pleasurable multisensory experiences.

Relational Benefits

People often lament about not having enough time with spouses and families. Too often, though, their solution is to fill the time they do have with additional activities. Thus, families spend more time getting from one place to another than they do enjoying each other’s company. A spa doesn’t have this disadvantage because the purpose is to sit, breathe, and relax. Families, including small children, can make time to enjoy the spa each day. The focus of this time should be what everyone learned or found pleasurable during their time since the last spa session.

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