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Should You Use Ozone in Your Swimming Pool?

As it turns out, ozone isn’t just for the sky. Ozone is a great oxidizer and is stronger than chlorine when it comes to keeping your pool clean. Ozone can be used in both private and public pools and is a stronger and cleaner alternative to chlorine. Ozone works by the ionization of individual oxygen molecules. In nature, this can be generated by a lightning strike or UV radiation. In your swimming pool, it is created with high-voltage ionization or a lamp generated UV radiation. When the oxygen goes through either of these processes, the molecules split into two separate atoms, and the atoms then adhere to other molecules and change or destroy them. In this oxidation process, the atoms grab onto bacteria in a swimming pool and neutralizes contaminant bacteria and oils. Because it is a completely natural process, there are no dangerous health risks or uncomfortable side effects like the ones produced from chlorine treatments. Should you use Ozone in your Swimming Pool?

The Benefits

One of the most noticeable benefits of Ozone is a more comfortable swimming experience. Years of using chlorine for pool cleaning led to uncomfortable symptoms like red and burning eyes, itchy skin or discolored hair. But that is no longer the case. Because Ozone reduces and prevents chlorine levels in the pool, swimmers no longer have to deal with red, burning eyes, rashes, strong chlorine smells, and pool-damaging chlorine byproducts. Ozone also keeps pools cleaner than chlorine. This means that over time, homeowners will get more out of their equipment and will save on utility costs.

The Drawbacks

Even the best technology comes with drawbacks. Ozone, though it is a great pool cleaner, does not work completely on its own. It must still be used in combination with other sanitizers to achieve optimum results. This means that homeowners will have to install an additional Ozone generator or purchase a generator like AutoPilot, which is designed to generate both Ozone and chlorine. Additionally, Ozone has a shorter half life than chlorine and therefore cannot be stored. Ozone must be used very soon after purchasing. Though there are some health risks with high levels of Ozone, almost all generators have safety features to limit production and protect swimmers.

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