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Safe Summer – Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pools represent fun, beauty, and tranquility – but they can also be dangerous. Homeowners with children and pets need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their loved ones. Summertime is supposed to be a fun season for the whole family, so make sure to revisit your pool safety plan every year. Review your pool features and incorporate some of the following safety precautions.

Check and Update Your Pool Fences

There are a lot of pool fences available that are self-closing, which is ideal for homeowners who have small children and pets. If you have a traditional fence, check the sturdiness and spacing of individual pickets annually. Replace broken or rotting pieces before your pool season opens. Pool fences should be at least 5 feet tall, and the spacing between pickets should be no more than 4 inches. 

Buy a Safety Cover 

Safety covers come in rigid materials that automatically slide over the surface of the pool. Different from regular pool covers, safety covers can support the weight of a small child or animal. Pool covers are operated with the press of a button, so it’s easy to close up at the end of a pool day. 

Consider an Alarm System

There are four main types of pool alarms, and all of them are an excellent safety option. Perimeter alarms operate on a laser field that will go off when someone is detected within the area. Pressure sensitive alarms monitor the water and can sense when a certain amount of weight has fallen in (usually 18 lbs. or more). Gate alarms attach to your pool gate and will sound when the gate is opened without being disarmed. Lastly, wearable alarms for children are worn like a watch. The alarm detects water and will sound when submersed. 

Make Sure You Have the Safety Equipment Basics

Every pool should have the two main safety equipment products: a lifesaver and a safety hook. The life saver should be at least 17 inches in diameter and have an attached rope. Safety hooks are long metal loops that attach to the pole you use for pool cleaning and can be used to rescue someone that has fallen in.

When checking over your pool safety features and equipment, don’t forget to look for cracked drain covers. A broken drain cover can easily trap children with suction. Stay on the safe side and remind your children it is never safe to play near a drain, whether it is broken or not.

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