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Renovate your Swimming Pool When…

Fixing up an aging pool isn’t just about resurfacing plaster that’s turned rough with age or replacing a fiberglass shell that’s worn too thin.  It’s also about updating the pool’s image to match a home renovation, changing the pool’s depth to account for different needs and perhaps, a family that’s growing in size and growing in age, and upgrading the pool’s surface and equipment to best make use of modern technology.  As such, here are a few different moments where you may want to renovate your swimming pool:

When The Pool Surface Is Beyond Repair

Over time, a pool surface will develop cracks, scales, and holes no matter how carefully you take care of it.  It’s easy enough to take care of these problems yourself with a patching kit that’s appropriate for your pool’s surface, but even if you repair your pool’s surface with the skill of an expert it’ll eventually wear down to the point where no amount of expertise will be able to save it.

When You Have Kids

Pools are enough of a hazard that states and municipalities have laws about what kind of safety precautions you need to install with your pool, and so if you intend to let your children use your pool you should make sure at least part of it is shallow enough for them to comfortably stand and move around.

When Your Kids Grow Up

If you originally put in a shallow pool so that your kids could have fun and stay safe, you may want to increase its depth once they’ve grown up or else struck out on their own.

When Your Equipment Needs Upgrading

Although you don’t necessarily need to redo your entire pool to replace the lighting or the filtration and heating systems, it may be a good idea to bundle in such an upgrade if you need to renovate your pool for some other reason.  Also, if you want to upgrade to a salt water system, you should renovate to protect your pool and everything around it from the potentially corrosive effects of salt.

When You’re Renovating Your House

If you’ve decided to change the appearance of your house and lawn, then you certainly shouldn’t neglect your pool.  This may involve changing its shape, adding extra features, or simply redoing the pool area to match the new décor.

Pool renovation may be an expensive and time-consuming prospect, but there are plenty of reasons to go in for it anyway and plenty of benefits you’ll see once you’re done.  As such, redoing your pool can be a valuable investment in the right circumstances.

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