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Reduce the Costs of Running Your Hot Tub

Reduce Costs Of Running Your Hot Tub

Winter is here, and that usually means higher electric bills due to cooler outdoor weather; this also means that the cost of running your hot tub throughout the winter has gone up. There are several tips to consider to save on energy costs and ensure a spa’s continued performance.

Thermal blankets

Thermal blankets float on the surface of the water and help to reduce evaporation of the heat, water, and chemical consumption that emits from the hot tub. There are three types of thermal blankets: bubble wrap thermal blanket, nylon laminate blankets, and closed-cell foam blankets.

  • Bubble wrap thermal blankets are the least expensive option, but the bubbles will eventually begin to degrade and fall apart; this typically occurs within six months of use
  • Nylon laminate thermal blankets are the more expensive option, but they tend to be stiff and harder to work with
  • Closed-cell foam thermal blankets are moderately priced and do not get stiff or fall apart. They last longer than the other two mentioned options

Hot tub covers

Covers are recommended to trap the heat in the hot tub. Using a cover cuts down on energy costs because the heat is now contained. The water will not need to be reheated before every use. Roll off the cover when the hot tub is ready to be used and then replace it when finished.

Lowering water temperature

Check the manual for your particular spa and see if you have an economy or standby setting that you can employ if you don’t plan on using your hot tub as much, or if you will be going away for vacation. Taking the temperature down three to five degrees can significantly reduce energy costs and maximize savings.

Researching available options and keeping up with maintenance ensures the tub’s longevity and performance. If you have any questions about spa additions, or even pool construction for the summer months, Olympus Pools is a great place to start.

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