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The Pros and Cons of Tiled Swimming Pools

Many pool owners want to beautify their properties by tiling their pools. Hotels and resorts build tiled swimming pools for a sense of elegance, which homeowners want to feel, as well. Tiles can serve functional purposes too, such as providing grip and easing the cleaning process.

We are dedicated to ensuring the success and happiness of our customers. Let us walk you through the process of tiling your existing or new pool.

Why Tile Your Pool?

Tiling is considered a premium finish for swimming pools. Its attractive look and possibilities for creative designs are only the beginning. Tile is easier to clean than rendered surfaces, like the pebblecrete in concrete pools, and requires less maintenance.

Tiling only along the waterline is an affordable option with aesthetic and practical applications. Using blue and white color patterns can make the water appear bluer and avoid the washed out look that rendered finishes often have over the waterline.

For fiberglass pools, tiling in this way gives an illusion of concrete construction and protects the gel coat from the sun. Tile is also easier to clean, making cleaning dirt and debris that frequently accumulates a much simpler task.

What to Consider Before Tiling

As with any design features, there are pros and cons associated with utilizing tile. The wrong kind of tile may cause blinding glare, disturbing to you and your neighbors. Maintaining a proper pH balance is integral to ensuring the cleanliness of your tiles, as well. Calcium, white deposits, and other build up can happen when this is not adhered to. Furthermore, it is important to use the right grout and properly install the tiles. This means tiling a pool may not be a DIY job for every homeowner.

Improperly installed tile can have disastrous results. Specialized grout has to be used that is waterproof and capable of handling the pressure of thousands of gallons of water pushing against it. Tiles not set by an expert can crack or fall off, which may cause structural damage to the pool.

Contact us to learn more about the tiling options available to you. We can advise you on the design and ensure the tiles are properly installed. We stand by the quality of our work; rest assured your tiles will be beautiful and functional.

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