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Pros And Cons Of A Natural Backyard Swimming Pool

natural backyard swimming pools

Going back to nature is a massive backyard trend that has been taking over for the past number of years. Using native plants, embracing the surrounding nature, and going eco-friendly is at the forefront of the natural backyard trend. A natural backyard pool is another part of this, but one should carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding if a natural backyard swimming pool is right for them and their property.

A natural backyard swimming pool has a number of pros, and some of these include:

  • Less maintenance – With a natural backyard pool, one can expect to do less maintenance than with a standard modern swimming pool. It doesn’t require chlorine, chemical filtration, or pH balancing, so you can spend more time enjoying your pool rather than keeping it in good condition. In addition, with less maintenance come fewer expenses.
  • Near limitless design – With a natural swimming pool, your design options are almost endless. There are far more style variations when compared to a traditional pool, so you have total control when it comes to the style you’re looking to communicate.
  • Better for the environment – Because these pools don’t use the chemicals that traditional pools require, they’re also better for the environment. If you’re going for an eco-friendly theme, a natural backyard swimming pool will fit right in.

Meanwhile, the cons of a natural pool include:

  • More expensive to install – While maintenance costs are lower with natural pools, the initial investment is greater than with a standard traditional pool. If you’re not prepared for a larger investment for the installation, a traditional pool may be better for you.
  • Require more land – If you have a small backyard, a natural swimming pool may not be ideal. These pools require a regeneration zone that needs to be about as large as the pool itself, so when it comes to smaller properties, opting for a natural pool could mean cutting your pool size by half or more.

Whether you opt for a traditional pool or a natural backyards pool, we are one of Tampa’s highly rated pool builders!

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