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How To Prep Your Pool For A Tropical Storm

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It is hurricane season, and Florida definitely does experience a fair number of tropical storms during this time of the year, and the Tampa Bay area is no exception. When there is a strong rainfall, it can alter the chemistry of your swimming pool, even when it doesn’t actually flood during the storm.

To avoid the inconvenience of a dirty and unbalanced pool because of the storms Florida often sees, there are a few things you can do to help prepare the swimming pool for the storm and avoid algae bloom. There are also steps that you should take following the storm to get your pool back up and ready to use.

Here are a few tips to prep your pool:

Do Not Empty the Pool

First off, you should never empty the swimming pool before a storm. The water that is in the pool is weighing it down to keep it securely in the ground. If the pool is drained, it can then be damaged due to a reduction in weight and there can be damaged due to the change in pressure caused by the excessive groundwater from the storm.

You may also want to add a bit more chlorine to the swimming pool before the storm to keep the water clean until you can check the levels again.

Turn Off Power to the Pool

Turning off the power to the pool from the circuit breaker or main electrical panel should also be done, and the pool equipment should not be operational during the storm. Having pool automation actually makes storm prep for the pool much easier because the equipment can be controlled wirelessly- even if you were to lose an internet connection.

Pool Automation Benefits for After the Storm

The pool may look clean, but that doesn’t mean that the chemistry is balanced. The automation saves you time and can provide the homeowner with precise and accurate monitoring of the chemical balance of the swimming pool.

It allows the homeowner to retain control over the pool, keep the water safe, and set it up for cleaning following a tropical storm.

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