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Popular Types Of Pool Lights

Popular Pool Lights

If you’re one who will enjoy your new pool well into the night, it’s important to consider lighting options. This could be the case both for individuals or for those who like to host parties. The right type of pool lights could go a long way. However, many Florida pool owners often get confused when they begin considering how many lighting options are available. Below, you’ll find a brief breakdown of the six most popular types of lights for your pool and backyard.

Flush-Mounted Underwater Lights

These pool lights are mounted beneath the water’s surface. You can use them to light up your pool any color you’d like. Consider using LED lighting and using bolder colors to help set the mood. For example, you can configure your lights to be orange during the sunset and a bolder purple in the evening.

Surface-Mounted Underwater Lights

Although these pool lights are also mounted underwater, they are done close to the water’s surface. Because they are not as deep in the water, a little light can go a long way toward illuminating your pool.

Pool Garden Lighting

In addition to your pool itself, you should also consider illuminating the surrounding garden and landscaping. Pool garden lighting often makes for fantastic accent lighting. It could help highlight certain shrubs or trees, or could serve a more practical purpose of shining light on your pool deck or walkways.

Flood Lighting

If you’re looking for bright lights, flood lights are an excellent choice. You can consider mounting floodlights on the corner of your home to help light up your entire pool deck. Turning your floodlights on should provide enough light for your backyard.

Floating Lighting

Have you ever seen candles floating on a lake or river and thought to yourself that it looked peaceful? You can bring this same concept to your backyard by adding floating lights to your pool.

Feature Lighting

Feature lights are an excellent way to add style and flair to your backyard oasis. Feature lighting can help draw attention to one particular aspect of your backyard.

So which type of lighting would you like for your pool?

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