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What About A Poolside Climbing Wall?

poolside climbing wall

A pool can be just a pool, or it could be something more. Pool features like a poolside climbing wall will not just keep the kids active but also keep the whole family entertained while cooling off in the pool. Just like swimming, climbing incorporates both cardiovascular and strength training, so why not combine the two activities to have fun and keep fit at the same time?

Climbing walls can be found at many outdoor activity centers. Those places often require admission to climb the wall once or for a certain period of time, and when you’re finished, there’s nothing left to do but to leave and go home. A poolside climbing wall is a bit different, and you can get all the benefits of climbing right in your own backyard. These climbing walls are completely safe, and if a child should fall from it, they harmlessly drop into the water and can swim up and try again.

A poolside climbing wall can be incorporated into a brand-new pool, or it can be added to your existing pool during a pool renovation. They’re made using foot-, UV-, and water-friendly materials so that the surface of wall remains safe and comfortable throughout the hot summer season. As children climb, they don’t have to worry about foot pain or injury even if they are barefoot, which is not recommended for a traditional climbing structure.

Typically, the walls of a poolside climbing wall will be concave, eliminating the potential for contact with the pool deck while climbing. As children climb higher, they climb farther away from the pool deck and out into the “open” water. If a child were to fall, they will not come into any contact with the pool deck at all. At the top of a poolside climbing wall is about two feet of smooth and clear plexiglass, so younger children who are determined to climb beyond the top of the structure are unable to do so.

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