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Fire and Water

fire and water

New pools are continually being constructed using the latest styles, trends, and designs. Included in these popular trends is an interesting combination known as ‘fire and water.’ Does this sound like something you want to have for your own pool?

Read on below to see how combining fire and water can complement your poolside and add to the value of your space.

Fire and Water Features

There are several ways you can incorporate fire features into your backyard oasis. Firepits, for example, are one addition to the poolside area that can add elegance and drama to any outdoor space.

It will quickly become a focal point, and the fire playing against the cool water of the swimming pool will work together to create both sound and reflection in a very tranquil and serene environment. Firepits are always a crowd-pleaser, and it provides you with the perfect excuse to invite people over.

Fireplaces and Kitchens

Fireplaces and kitchens are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor areas as well while these spaces begin to become a functional extension of the rest of the home. Having these two features in combination will also stretch the hours you can utilize the backyard space because they provide you with both light and functionality. Gone are the days of only being able to have that barbecue during the day.

With a fireplace and outdoor kitchen poolside, you can stay in the action of the party instead of being stuck in the house making food. It provides you with the great opportunity to become a better host or hostess, and it ensures that you don’t miss any of the action.

Year-Round Features

Having a firepit or an outdoor kitchen by the pool is also good at making space functional throughout the year. Even when it is too cold to swim, you can still relax next to a warm fire and watch the flames dance on the water’s surface.

You will quickly find that a night at home outside sitting around the firepit makes the best ending for an otherwise long and arduous day. The combination of the fire feature and the water will quickly melt away your stress.

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