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Lakes Are Lovely, But Pools Are Perfect

pools are perfect

If you grew up anywhere other than Florida, then you might be familiar with lake swimming. Lakes definitely have their advantages and can be found in many places in Florida. Lakes don’t contain any chlorine, and they offer you a beautiful backdrop to your day of swimming.

But what about swimming pools? We are here to list a few of the differences between lakes and pools so you can see why swimming pools are perfect!

The Beauty of the Lake

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and the fact that you are getting closer to nature, you will find that lakes also offer more space to play and swim when compared to a traditional swimming pool.

However, that beauty comes at a price. You will also find that lakes have dirty water, boaters not paying attention, potentially dangerous wildlife, and even hidden obstacles that can get in the way of your outdoor adventures.

A swimming pool, on the other hand, doesn’t pose these problems and actually makes for a perfect retreat.

Dirty Lake Water

Pools are chlorinated which means they are sanitized, unlike lakes. When you swim in lakes, you can expose yourself to a variety of infections and germs that can make you ill.

Oblivious Boaters

With lakes, you have to share the space which means you need to pay close attention to the other swimmers and boaters in the area. Many times you will find that the boaters aren’t paying close attention to the swimmers, so you have to stay alert. You don’t have to worry about this with a swimming pool.


While the occasional snake or other visitor can find their way into your pool, you will usually be able to see them before you get it so they can be removed. When you swim in lakes, however, there are many types of wildlife you can encounter with little time to react.

Hidden Obstacles

Finally, you will also have to contend with other hidden obstacles because the water isn’t going to be clear and clean like swimming pool water. Therefore, waste and other items can litter the lake and create problems for swimmers. So, while lakes are lovely, pools are perfect.

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