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Pool Pet Safety Tips

Pool Pet Safety Tips

For most people with pets, they treat them as they would any other member of the family. That’s why it is so important that you take the time to understand what will help keep your pets safe and comfortable in the swimming pool when it comes time to open it up and get it ready for those summer months.

While a lot of pets seem to be experienced swimmers, they can still experience some level of panic if they were to accidentally fall in. Additionally, smaller pets may not be able to use the steps in the pool which means they do not have an easy and accessible way to get out if they do happen to fall in.

The following are a few swimming pool pet safety tips to remember this season to keep your furry friends happy and safe:

Install a fence around the pool. Just as you would install a fence for children, you should also do so for your pets. It will keep them away from the pool and only allows them access when they are being supervised.

Pet-safe ladders. Installing these ladders in the pool will provide your pet – big or small – the easy exit access they need in case they accidentally fall in and need to get out safely.

Don’t assume your pet can swim. While it might seem like every pet automatically and naturally knows how to swim, this isn’t always the case. Familiarize your pet with the water at a young age and make sure they are comfortable in and around the water.

Pool alarm systems. These are small alarms that float inside the pool and go off when there is any kind of disturbance to the water. They are good to have in case your pets sneak out and fall into the pool. It will alert you immediately.

Finally, never leave your pets unsupervised by the swimming pool. Also, remember that a pool cover does not equal proper protection. A cover can be very deceptive to your pet because it looks like something they can safely walk on.

If you have a pool, talk to your pool contractor about these pool pet safety tips.

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