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Pool party ideas that will impress your friends

For children and adults alike, lounging by the swimming pool is one of the most exciting summer activities. Inviting your neighbors, friends, and coworkers over for a pool party is a great way to socialize and keep everyone cool when the sun is blazing. Be sure to make a splash by brainstorming a fun theme for your event. With a creative idea for your party, you’ll be able to decorate, prepare snacks, and organize a playlist that will make your event one of the highlights of everyone’s summer.

Consider a few of the following pool party themes:

  • Hawaiian Luau. Decorating your backyard and the pool space like a tropical paradise is a perfect summertime treat that will make your gathering feel like a vacation. This theme allows for uninhibited creativity, as you can use surfboards, leis, sunglasses, and banana leaves for decoration. Furthermore, encourage your guests to come in Hawaiian attire and bathing suits to fit the theme. Serve tropical-based snacks, such as pineapple, and present any drinks in coconut cups.
  • Jersey Shore and other specific beach locations. Tying your pool party to Jersey Shore will add a dose of youth, creativity, and humor to your event. Spray tans and a good time are guaranteed with this theme. Along the same lines as the Jersey Shore theme, consider linking your gathering to a specific beach or region, such as Rio de Janeiro or the O.C.
  • Vegas night. One of the great aspects of a Vegas theme is that you can entertain everyone, even if they’re not in the pool. By covering the tables on the patio with cards and chips, guests who aren’t in the water can enjoy competitive games of blackjack and poker. A Vegas theme night has numerous decoration options, allowing you to use glow sticks and colorful lighting to garnish your backyard.

Whether you use one of these pool party themes or brainstorm one of your own, be sure to be consistent in your planning. For instance, grilling shish kabobs would definitely be more appropriate for the Hawaiian Luau theme than Vegas night. Of course, there aren’t any set rules when it comes to throwing a pool party, but the more creative and specific you get with your theme, the more fun and memorable the gathering will be!



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