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Five Tropical-Themed Pool Landscaping Ideas

pool landscaping ideas

Today’s pools have evolved from boring rectangular holes surrounded by concrete to true backyard oasis’. If you’re looking to install a pool or remodel your existing pool, you can now make it easily blend into your backyard. This involves the use of stones, landscaping, and other natural aspects. Consider these five tropical-themed pool landscaping ideas to integrate the tropical landscape of Florida into your backyard.

  • Build a Bridge – If you have a freeform pool design, you can build a bridge over a narrow part of your pool to give a tropical feel. Connect the bridge to a private garden to emphasize a relaxed feel.
  • Surround Your Pool with Tropical Vegetation –Palm trees and banana trees are warm-weather staples that can be considered. You can also plant Hawaiian hibiscus’ and birds of paradise for plants that will provide vibrant colors to your pool area. You’ll also need to plant grasses, such as Egyptian papyrus and showy ornamental grasses. You can also create a wall of vegetation that acts as a natural fence, providing you privacy while emphasizing a tropical feel.
  • Construct a Cabana or Pool House – These provide the ultimate chance for you to relax outdoors under the Florida sun. With a cabana or pool house, you’ll forget you are still at your home.
  • Water and Stone are Safe Bets – Using natural stone as steps or for your pool’s decking instantly increase the tropical feel of your pool. You can also put stones in strategic areas around your pool. Construct waterfalls out of stone for a natural, authentic look.
  • Contact Your Pool Contractor for More Information – Finding the right blend of plants to place around your pool can be a challenge. You’ll want to avoid “boxing in” your pool, thereby raising the humidity levels around your pool. You’ll also want to find plants that can withstand being splashed with the chemicals in your pool. Your pool contractor should be able to advise you on which plants are best to incorporate into your backyard.

We are available to answer your questions about swimming pools and about pool landscaping ideas. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to talk to you!

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