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Pool Installation: How Long Will You Have to Wait?

How Long Will You Have to Wait

Summer is almost here and temperatures are escalating daily, so what better way to celebrate than by building a new pool for your home? With a new pool installed, parties, relaxation, and daily exercise will be right in the backyard waiting for you. But how long will it take to build? There are all sorts of permits, designs, and construction that have to take place to ensure that the new addition is safe, legal, and built just right for the property. Here is a breakdown of what needs to happen before there is a new pool in your life.

Initial Phase

At Olympus Pools, we utilize the latest technology to design dream pools for our customers. Once you have decided you are ready for a new pool, we use 3D software to create the pool and allow you to see it before it is even built. After a look has been chosen, a series of permits must be approved and acquired to make sure the new construction is legal and safe. This generally takes a few weeks, but it is now even more stress-free; Olympus Pools handles all the paperwork in-house, making the whole experience easier and faster!

The Construction

Once all the paperwork is done and the design settled, the excitement can begin with the groundbreaking and excavation. Our experienced builders begin digging out the area where the pool will be placed. Following this is the shaping of the pool using steel and lumber, creating the general outline. Inspections must be completed before the concrete foundation is poured, but once that is done, the tiling, plumbing, decking, and equipment installation can take place. On average this whole process takes 5 – 7 weeks. Because Olympus Pools only works on one project at a time, the wait for a new pool can sometimes be shorter or longer than this, depending on any custom additions.

So, in a matter of a couple months you could be swimming in your new pool thanks to Tampa pool contractors, Olympus Pools. We guarantee friendly, efficient, and experienced service that is custom tailored to your needs and preferences. Contact us today to see our showroom or to get a free estimate!

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