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Does My Florida Pool Need a Heat Pump?

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Florida is a state that experiences warm weather all year round. However, during the wintertime, it can still get too cold to go swimming. For those times of the year, you can get a heat pump for your swimming pool.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

A swimming pool heat pump has many advantages – even in Florida.


With a swimming pool heat pump, you can experience a much more comfortable swimming season in Florida. Depending on the location of the pool and the amount of shade that it has, some pool water may only reach 75 degrees. This also varies with our usual afternoon thunderstorms as well.

With a pool heater, you will be able set and maintain a pool temperature that is most comfortable for you so you can swim year-round.

Extending the Season

This is one of the bigger advantages of installing a heat pump. Florida experiences very mild winters, but with a heat pump, you can extend even into those cooler months and swim more often than if you didn’t have the pool heater at all.

Nighttime Swimming

Since temperatures tend to fall in the evening, you may not take advantage of your swimming pool as much as you could. However, with a heat pump, you can maintain a comfortable temperature for nighttime swimming or even take an early morning swim. The water will remain at the ideal temperature.

Improved Health

Swimming is great exercise for everyone and allows for a low impact aerobic workout. However, it is hard to keep up with this exercise when the temperature of the water gets to be too cold.

A heat pump for your swimming pool can help you keep the exercise going for longer and can go a long way to relax sore muscles and joints.

Using a Heat Pump

The heat pump pulls the heat from one source and then transfers it into your pool water. If you want to experience any or all of the benefits above, you should consider having one installed in your backyard pool to extend the pool’s use and take full advantage of everything your pool has to offer year-round.

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