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Pool Decoration Ideas

Summer has arrived, and with it, pool season. Family swims and pool parties can become more enjoyable if you decorate your pool area with personal touches that reflect your interests or a specific theme. Here’s some of our favorite pool decorating ideas to help you get started.

Stay Simple

If you don’t like fussy, ornate designs, a simple pool area can still impress party guests. Use the natural shape and curves of your pool to determine what small decorations you can use. For example, set a couple of large, colorful plants in plant holders near poolside. If you have a circular pool, use symmetrical tile layout for an organized and geometric feel. You could also leave the pool deck or gazebo mostly plain using wooden or stone flooring. Then, make that area a sanctuary with your favorite chairs or a chaise lounge.

Use Natural Décor

Many pool owners invest in pools because they love being outdoors. If this describes you, let nature be the main source of your pool décor. Use larger plants or miniature trees around the pool. Think ferns, bonsais, or even a large rosebush or magnolia tree. You can place blossoms inside the pool to decorate for parties and weddings. Place a large umbrella on your deck or above a patio table to provide shade without obstructing views.

Go Greek

Greco-Roman designs are popular with pool owners, perhaps because of the illustrious history of the Roman baths. If you want your pool to have a historical feel, consider investing in statuary of Greek deities, cherubs, mermaids, or even lions. Many pool owners insert a small fountain or grotto in or near their pool. If you decide to add a fountain, use colored lights for an added wow factor during evening swim parties.

Don’t Forget the Tiles

Most pool owners think their tiles will go unnoticed, but guests will remember impressive tiles and patterns. Blue or green tiles add to a pool’s natural aquatic vibe. Mosaic tiles in various colors can be used to catch guests’ eyes. If you have a certain theme in mind, you can buy or design tiles that serve it. For instance, consider tiles with a sun or tribal design if you like Aztec or Latin themes.

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