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Pool Decking: Stamped Vs. Brushed Concrete

Swimming Pool Deck

When completing a pool construction project, you’ll be involved in many decisions such as styles, designs, and colors. If part of your project involves pool decking material, you’ll first determine what type of material you’d like to use. Once you choose concrete, your decision is still not complete. You’ll then have to decide between a stamped concrete finish and a brushed concrete finish. Each finish has its own pros and cons, which could potentially make the decision difficult.

Stamped Finish

  • Maintenance – Stamped finish concrete will need to be resealed every couple of years. Although the sealing process itself is not difficult, it will result in a bit more long-term costs than a brushed finish does. The sealant is necessary for maintaining the concrete’s integrity and appearance.
  • Style – Stamped finish concrete comes in many colors and patterns and truly looks amazing when complete. Flexible design options allow you to achieve almost any style you’d like. A stamped finish concrete pool deck can be an attractive focal point for your outdoor oasis.
  • Cost – With stamped finish concrete, the price reflects what you’ll get. You’ll receive a beautiful pool deck, but it is going to cost you more than brushed finished concrete would.

Brushed Finish

  • Maintenance – Brushed finish concrete requires less maintenance than stamped finish concrete because it does not need to be sealed.
  • Style – Brushed finish concrete does not look as nice as stamped finish concrete. It can still end up looking ok, but your pool contractor will need to put time and effort into coming up with a design that has character. They’ll also probably be more of a need for landscaping in the surrounding area to take the attention off the pool deck.
  • Cost – Brushed finish concrete is comparable to the prices of regular concrete and is the cheaper option.

Allow Professionals To Help

If you are not sure which concrete finish is best for you, that’s ok! Pool contracting experts can help. These design experts will be able to make recommendations after understanding what exactly you’re looking for in your project. With a professional’s help, you’ll be able to finalize your pool deck design and break ground on your project!

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