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Pool Decking Options To Achieve An Organic Look

pool decking options

Your pool decking or pool patio can be seen as the frame that sets the entire mood for the pool. It’s the immediate area surrounding your pool, and there are a plethora of pool decking options out there for those who are striving for a more organic pool look. Property owners have more choices to sift through than ever before when it comes to how they wish to frame their organic pool space.

First and foremost, your organic look pool decking options should prioritize three things. It should be stylish, it should be well-constructed, and it should be non-slip to ensure that your family and guests remain safe while having fun by the pool on a summer’s day. Organic pool decking options give your pool the look of a natural refreshing spring, and they can meet the three criteria at the same time.

Travertine is a material that is naturally resistant to extreme temperatures, and it has a modern, natural look that blends in perfectly with organic pool spaces. It’s one of the most porous pool decking options, which means wet footprints are less likely to be slippery when one gets into or out of the pool. You can also coordinate different colors of travertine to bring in the natural color palette of the surrounding landscape.

With a non-skid grit added to the concrete sealer, stamped concrete pool decking options can be one of the safest in terms of slip prevention. Stamped concrete is also incredibly low-maintenance, and it is a durable material that can last for many years without much upkeep. The stamping allows you to take advantage of a vast array of different styles, so you always get the perfect organic look to match your aesthetic.

Lastly, natural stone pool decking really hits the mark in terms of achieving that organic look. Coming from nature, this stone fits right in with any landscape. Stone can be given texture and porousness to make it non-slip, and it can last for many years with minimal upkeep.

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