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What To Expect During Pool Construction

Are you in the position where you really would like a new pool but are hesitant because the process seems overwhelming? If so, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, many would-be pool owners avoid breaking ground because they are not sure what the process has in store. Knowing what to expect from beginning to end can make the process more manageable, and give you the peace of mind you need to move forward with the project of your dreams! Below is an introductory look at the pool construction process.

The Design Process

It could be argued that as much goes into the design stage as does the actual construction phase. You should be able to tell your pool contractor your vision for the project, and what you’re looking to have completed. You should also be able to give your budget to your pool contractor. When quoting your budget, be sure to leave a 10% window for unexpected costs. For example, if your budget is $20,000, quote your budget as $18,000.

From there, your pool contractor will survey your land. He should also take soil samples, as different types of soil can determine the work that can be completed on a project.

After this is completed, you should be able to work with your pool contractor to select the details of your project. The size, shape, and style of your pool will all be discussed, including any additional features such as waterfalls or diving boards. Once the plans are finalized, your contractor will submit the design plans for permit approval.

Building Your Pool

Your pool contractor will first break ground and dig the hole where your pool will go. They will remove the excess dirt unless you choose to keep it. From there, your pool contractor will begin laying steel rebar where the outline of your pool is, while installing the necessary plumbing. After this, the concrete for your pool will be poured. Although this may be a bit messy, bear with the process, as it is at this point that you’ll finally be able to see your pool taking shape!

Once this is finished, your contractor will lay and seal the final tiling, and complete all electrical work. Then your pool is yours to enjoy!

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