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Swimming Pool Construction Time

Swimming Pool Construction Time

Swimming pool construction is necessary if you wish to install a swimming pool in your backyard. When families first look into swimming pool construction, one of the top questions that they ask the professionals they want to work with is how long the entire project is going to take. Not only are property owners excited about being able to use their new pool, but they are also eager to get their backyards back as construction wraps up.

Here is a quick look at swimming pool construction time:

A huge factor in the time your swimming pool construction will take is the type of pool you’re looking for. Naturally, more complex custom projects will take a bit longer, but generally, these are the timelines that you can expect:

  • Fiberglass pools – Fiberglass pools are also known as “drop-in pools” as they take the shortest swimming pool construction time. The construction period for an in-ground fiberglass pool should be around 14 to 30 days, or between two weeks and one month from start until completion. This gives you a simple option if you want a pool completed quickly.
  • Vinyl liner pools – Vinyl liner pool construction is considered “middle of the road” in terms of construction time. These pools will take around 25 to 45 days from start until completion, although the timeframe will depend heavily on the complexity of your project.
  • Concrete pools – Concrete pools take the longest time to construct, but they’re also some of the longest-lasting and hardiest pools. The average timeframe for constructing concrete pools is around 45 to 75 days from start until completion, so they can take a bit more than two months in many cases. If you plan to incorporate a concrete pool into your property and you wish to use it soon after it’s finished, it’s recommended to begin construction early on in the spring season.

As one may expect, incorporating custom and complex elements into any pool construction will sometimes tack on additional time, but the results are always well worth the wait.

At Olympus Pools, we work with you to minimize swimming pool construction time.

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