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What Pool Color Options Match Your Personality?

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Your pool is your backyard retreat – your private oasis that you and your loved ones can always escape to. But when you begin the install and design process, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is what pool color options to consider. The days of just white, baby blue, or eggshell-colored pool interiors are gone and today you can choose virtually any color or shade you like as your pool interior.

Choosing Color

But which pool color is right for you? The real question is actually “what is your personality and what color matches it?”. In short, the right pool color matches up to your personality and says a lot about you.

Here are some swimming pool color options to think about.

  • Deep Blue – A deep blue pool color is perfect for those who like a little mystery and fun to show through. If you enjoy fun, family, and just making the most of life, it’s a great color choice for anyone.
  • Teal – Teal is for those who love to relax and have fun while at home. The soothing teal color relaxes the mind and body, and for those who are more laid back, there isn’t a better color choice out there.
  • Turquoise – Like teal, turquoise is great for those who value their serenity and relaxing moments. But, it’s also playful and flirty and works great for those who want to really show off both sides of their personality.
  • Darker Shades – Darker shades are great if you want to get even more personality in your pool. They can be mysterious, filled with energy, and more. Talk to your pool pro to see what additional swimming pool color option sare available for you to choose from.

A Note About Lighting

It’s also important to remember that beyond just the color of the pool, you also have lighting options. You can add virtually any color lighting to the pool, and the underwater LED lights allow you to customize your pool and bring out your personality even more.

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